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Dr. Richard Le and the Fountains Family Care team know the importance of preventive care and ongoing medical support. They provide Medicare wellness exams in two offices in Chandler, Arizona, where they also offer a multitude of conveniences for patients, such as in-office lab work and attentive, personalized care. Dr. Le treats each person as an individual and offers quality care for those with or without Medicare, those who are sick or well, and everyone in between. Book your annual Medicare wellness exam here on the website or call today.

Medicare Wellness Exams Q & A

What is a Medicare wellness exam?

A Medicare wellness exam is recommended annually and is covered by Medicare. It’s designed to prevent disability and disease and is based on an assessment of your health and risk factors. The exam is specifically tailored to you and your health needs.

What can I expect during my Medicare wellness exam?

Your Fountains provider gives you a health risk assessment questionnaire to fill out. The results allow them to develop a prevention plan geared toward helping you achieve optimal health and wellness.

Your Medicare wellness exam can also include a range of services, such as:

  • Vision and hearing test
  • Body mass index calculation
  • A review of medical and family history
  • Planning a screening schedule for the future
  • Evaluating for any signs of cognitive impairment
  • Height, weight, and blood pressure measurements
  • A review of your risk for depression and your level of safety
  • Certain shots, screenings, and referrals for other care, if necessary
  • Updating or creating a list of current medical providers and prescriptions
  • A written plan detailing the preventive care services you might need in the future

In some wellness exams, your Fountains provider might assess your risk of a fall to determine your overall level of functionality.

Much of your annual wellness exam revolves around your current health evaluation, health education, and preventive care. It’s also your chance to discuss your concerns and ask questions.

What are the benefits of a Medicare wellness exam?

There are numerous benefits to your Medicare wellness exam. It’s an essential part of your preventive care and allows you to develop a relationship with a provider you trust.

You receive an overall evaluation, screenings, and lifestyle counseling that can lower your risk for chronic diseases that strike large numbers of the population.

At Fountains Family Care, blood work can be conveniently performed in the office, and the providers take time to meet the individual needs of all patients.

Your Medicare wellness exam allows you to be proactive with your health care. If it’s been 11 months and you’re due for your wellness exam, click to schedule online or call one of the two offices today.