Hilliary Johnson, NCCPA

Hilliary Johnson is an NCCPA-certified Physician Assistant who received her Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies at Arizona School of Health Sciences located in Mesa, Arizona. Prior to her physician assistant training she attended the University of Arizona’s Honors College, where she graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health.

Growing up as the daughter of a now retired Command-Chief in the United States Air force, she had the unique opportunity of living in 15 different states and countries. She attributes this to her well-rounded personality and ability to relate to those of all cultural backgrounds.

Her love for science and medicine began at an early age, and she prides herself on her community involvement throughout the years, volunteering in disenfranchised communities as a health care provider.

Hilliary understands that every patient is an individual who has their own unique needs, and her goal as a provider is to design treatment plans that focus on the whole person in order to help patients achieve the best possible outcome.