Medical Services

Here is a partial list of medical services offered at Fountains Family Care
  • In house phlebotomist – each location has qualified personnel to draw your blood instead of having to go to a lab. We do have a preferred laboratory that we work with, if you have a specific laboratory that you want  us to send your blood to, please let us know.
  • Ultrasound services – we provide cardiovascular ultrasound services like echocardiography, carotid Doppler, arterial and vascular extremity ultrasounds to assess for peripheral vascular diseases. Please note, some insurances require patients to be referred out for these services.  Our technician usually comes in once a month.
  • Allergy testing and treatment – We are able to do environmental allergy testing , (pollen, grass, dogs, etc). If your symptoms are severe, then you might benefit from immunotherapy, where your body is slowly desensitized over a period of time.  Your symptoms should be much better where taking allergy medications might not be necessary anymore!  Upon your initial visit to our offices, you will fill out a quality of life questionnaire to see how severe your symptoms are.  Then one of our staff will contact you to schedule an appointment, she will also verify your insurance eligibility if needed.
  • Joint injections – Cortisone injections can be a very effective in treating joints pain. They usually provide relief in 2-3 days and can provide pain relief for months.  Doing this, combined with a formal physical therapy program, will enable a patient to have a healthy active lifestyle again sooner!
  • Hormones Replacement Therapy – Dr. Le has many years of experience with treating low hormones such as low testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.  Low hormones can cause a variety of symptoms like fatigue, muscle wasting, thin bones, depressed mood, decreased libido, and inability to lose weight. He has gone to numerous conferences, concerning hormones, and utilizes a personalized approach for each patient.  There are many different ways to deliver hormones to your body effectively, please call for consultation!
  • Botox and Juvaderm – Our current pricing for Botox is $10 per unit with a minimum purchase of 45 units. Wrinkles in forehead usually requires 50 units, some people requires more depending on the severity.  Botox effects typically last 3 months.  Juvaderm injections are for deep facial creases, usually around the nose.  Our current pricing is $450 per syringe.

We accept many insurance plans, so please call us at 480-726-6632 for verification.