• What insurances do you accept? We accept multiple insurances , but due to the vast numbers of companies out there it’s best to call your insurance company to see if Dr. Le is in your network.
  • Doesn’t my insurance company cover my physical 100%, why did I get a bill? Most insurance companies cover an annual wellness exam or physical which usually includes blood pressure, blood work, weight counseling, immunizations , and cancer screening.  However, during your visit, we might need to take additional time to address separate health issues like high blood pressure, medications, diabetes, etc.  Due to the extra time involved and complexity, please understand that you will most likely be charged for an office visit along with your wellness exam.
  • My insurance company told me this procedure is covered 100%, why did I get a bill? While many insurance companies might inform you that a procedure is covered 100%, they neglect to tell you that the procedure is applied towards your deductible.   We do tried our best in determining what is covered, but please remember that ultimately, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE  for your balance if the insurance does not reimburse us.  We do require payment in advance for certain procedures.
  • Why do I need to do a urine drug screening? To avoid abuse or diversion of controlled substances, it is our policy that patients who are on controlled substances will need to submit random urine drug screenings.
  • Why do I have to wait so long make an appointment to see my physician? While we strive to have you see your physician in a timely manner, given our current healthcare system, the volume of patients we have to see is extremely demanding.   However, our mid level providers are trained to treat most illnesses and can usually be seen on earlier.
  • Do I need to make an appointment to discuss labs results?  It depends on the providers and their preferences.  We do encourage you to make an appointment to discuss results even if the results might be normal.  This allows time for counseling about the implications of your labs. The vast majority of our patients have appreciated this as it have allow them to bring up other issues they might have forgotten to mention upon their previous visit.